chance to win ocean park tickets

Ocean Park is celebrating its 38th anniversary with a lucky draw. HK residents can enter the draw once until tomorrow for a chance to win one ticket to the Park. Remember, if you enter the draw more than once, you will be disqualified from the draw altogether! so don’t be greedy!

Click on the following link to enter: You will need to fill in some basic personal details and answer a simple question to enter. For more details, please refer to the Park’s facebook page. Results will be announced on 20 Jan. *remember tomorrow is the deadline for entries*

Good Luck!!!


Half price entry – Trick Eye Museum HK

Don’t miss your chance for half price entry into the Trick Eye Museum at The Peak!! the offer is for HK residents only until this Thursday, 15 Jan 2015.



  • it seems lots of people also know about this offer so its super crowded (with Hongkongers), and there was a massive queue for entry near early evening. but for $150 per ticket (adult), half price is a bargain! for 2people, its like buy-one-get-one-free!
  • with a crowd, i would say it would take a good 2hours to get around the whole museum. so if you can, highly recommended to go during daytime when there would be sure to be less people.
  • its open from 10am-10pm, so you could potentially go straight after work. grab the peak tram and you’re there in no time.
  • alot of the “exhibits” support many people in the same group to take photos together. so you can go in bigger group and squeeze more people into the same photo =D


FREE entry for January babies at Madame Tussauds HK

Madame Tussauds has extended the following promotion until the end of the January:

FREE entry for birthday star on their birthday (and also one day before and one day after the birth date). The birthday star can also bring up to 3 friends with him/her at half price each!!

Don’t miss out this great opportunity January stars. For more details, please call up the enquiries hotline available from their website:

Shaun the Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Harbour City this Christmas is putting lots and lots and lots multi-coloured Shaun the Sheep on display at different places of the mall including G/F of Gateway Arcade and G/F of Ocean Terminal. Unfortunately all the events including cupcake making & clay making are over.


But you can still take photos with these colourful fluffy animals. IMG_9856  IMG_9843 IMG_9868

Non-related to Shaun – but there is also a giant train head at the entrance of Harbour City and you may enter it for a donation to the HK Blood foundation. Alternatively, you may enjoy taking photos on the outside and the surrounding areas! IMG_0287 IMG_0289 IMG_0290

All will be displayed until this Sunday 4 January 2015

HK Harbin Ice Festival

Would you believe it if I told you that you can experience -10C in HK? And that for those lazy bums who don’t want to fly to the cold to see the Harbin ice sculptures, you can see them right here in HK this winter? Because Harbin has come to HK this Christmas!!!

In the far away land of Tai Tong in Yuen Long, you can see ice sculptures in a giant giant freezer and also enjoy what the festival has to offer. As well as food, game booths, inflatable slides, there are also go karts and sheep-feeding opportunities.

How to get there: take K66 bus from Long Ping station or take red minibus at Yuen Long City Mall.

After getting off at Tai Tong Shan Road stop, it’s another 15minutes walk to the venue. Its very secluded.

IMG_0314 IMG_0315 IMG_0330 IMG_0324 IMG_0333 IMG_0349 IMG_0416 IMG_0380 IMG_0441 IMG_0450


  • Highly recommend taking the K66 from Long Ping MTR station rather than anywhere else as its already super crowded from the MTR station (you might not be able to get on otherwise).
  • There is a free shuttle during weekends and public holidays – please refer to the website
  • Entrance fee is $90 (includes entry into the ice sculptures hall plus a big coat and entry into the festival only. All other games will require additional fee). Packages are available e.g. $240 includes entry into the ice sculpture hall and $180 worth of gaming value. Top-up facilities are available inside the venue if $180 is used up. Highly recommended if you want to play the games inside
  • During busy periods e.g. daytime, you can only play the go karts for a short period. At night time, it’s the same price ($50) for unlimited play (until you are tired or closing time)
  • The go karts are now electrical but “bicycle” type with 4 wheels
  • Wear WARM clothes including top, trousers, socks and shoes because inside the ice sculpture hall, it can get super cold and your fingers and toes will soon freeze.
  • Each person can only play once on the ice slide.
  • Inflatable area – adults can only play on 2 slides. There is no storage of bags.
  • Leaving – once dark, it might not be so desirable to walk back to the bus stop. you can call taxi for pickup or wait for a red minivan ($10 per person). if on the days the free shuttle bus runs, you may get that too.
  • Recommended to browse the website thoroughly before going
  • To be honest, the fair ground is very big and there isn’t much to do apart from the ice sculptures. It’s good to walk around and see though.


Chairs Through Time

Chairs? You may wonder or even ask what is so interesting about a chair. Something so common, so basic, something we use day in and day out without even thinking about it or wondering about its family’s history or the story behind its design. Well guess what, there’s a whole exhibition dedicated to showcasing them!

The Chair exhibition features chairs throughout many eras from many countries. Although the exhibition isn’t very big, the information and description available and the amount of chairs displayed is surprisingly large. It was a very interesting exhibition and some chairs were even very pretty and the history behind many of them is astonishing and definitely eye-opening. I do recommend a visit if you are a furniture fan or interested in abit of history. For $20, you can open your eyes to different things and enjoy a few hours at the museum.

It ends on Monday, so last chance to go to the HK Heritage Museum in Shatin to see!!

IMG_8206 IMG_8228 IMG_8225 IMG_8215 IMG_8208