free $100 from Times Square !!


Until the end of this week, shopping at Times Square would enable you to get richer! Spending $500 or more in one transaction and going to scan some codes on 6/F & 7/F, you can get $100 sports coupon!!! totally amazing. You can play once a day for the whole duration of the promotion. And if you are a HSBC member, you can also play in their current promotion with the same receipt. So by just spending $500, you can get a whole array of freebies/money back!!! Bargain!


Free printed photo & freebies @ cwb!

a short term promotion: go to hysan place in cwb to take a photo, have it printed for free and get some free samples! you will also get to decorate your photos too with stickers just like those at the photo booths. but beware, theres a time limitation (very short) with the decoration part. your entire photo experience will be at the comfort of your airplane “seat”. its very cleverly designed/decorated.


image image

Tsum Tsums in HK

The popular cute disney tsum tsums have made their debut in town!!! You can find these enlarged figures at Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong from 11 April – 5 May. Heres an exclusive sneak peak especially taken by me for you readers since they don’t officially launch until tomorrow! 



For more information on how you can play games and win prizes, please refer tk the webite:

Easter fun @ TST

From now until tomorrow (6 April) 2-8pm, Miramar Shopping Centre has the following fun activities (all free):

1) Photo taking opportunities:

2) Play a game to win a prize:

3) On 6 April, theres also free candy floss! 

Come and make some silly poses for photos and win some prizes!! 

Flower Show 2015

This is my 2nd year. I went once before a few years back and didn’t really know what to expect. I was surprised to see such a variety of flowers and exhibits on show. Perhaps this year I went with some expectation and hence I was slightly disappointed. 

The show has alot of competition pieces, actually probably 80% of it were. Only a few were from organisations such as Highway and Ocean Park. There were lots of big pieces made with flowers. 


Of course, the show wouldn’t be complete without cameras. And there were LOTS of them. Sometimes, I think it should be called the camera show rather than flower show. It was flooded with cameras, I probably saw more of them than flowers. From beginners to amateurs, from small compacts to professional ones with giant lens, from small stools to long tripods. Many people went prepared and no flower was left unshot. It was as if people have never seen flowers before. But when I finally got close enough (after waiting for ages because most people camped next to the flower beds don’t move for a looooong time) to some of the popular display on show, I realised that shooting flowers was not easy. To get the shots you want, it can take a long time. And a simple flower bed with a few colours of flowers can lead to many different photos even when taken from the same position. 

I think this year’s show is worth going, afterall the entrance fee is only $14 and it makes a good afternoon outing, especially when we don’t get to see much greenery in HK. Just don’t have too much expectation. And wear a mask to avoid getting germs in crowded areas in this flu season! The show is on until THIS Sunday 29 March at Victoria Park in CWB.


Green Tea Dessert – Part I

I Cremeria

Have known about this place for a while now and been meaning to try it. Always imagined it was in a really random location, but to my surprise, it was super convenient and at the heart of CWB! Located inside Fashion Walk (which is literally by exit E), this dessert shop is super small and crowded. Theres a small handful of tiny seats and tables outside the shop. Every choice seems to be delicious and it was hard to pick. We didn’t opt for the melon with ice cream (which is quite popular in the dessert world these days) as it was $180! But I did take a sneaky photo of the person who had it next to me… 

We went with this little treasure (with a little surprise at the bottom):

Here is the menu: 

Think next time I will go for the ones in a more beautiful cup hehe

Red Leaves in HK

Red leaves. This time of year, everyone is talking about them. You want to see them? You don’t have to fly abroad or trek all the way into Tai Tong. You can see them right beside a MTR station!!

IMG_1293 IMG_1310IMG_1298 IMG_1300 IMG_1303

Come to the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Not only will you be able to capture the leaves in its full glory, a lake and reflections off it are also thrown in for free!! What a picture! Although the area is not big, you can still relax on a bench or on the grass on a sunny day, sip a drink or paint a painting and enjoy the beautiful scenery on offer at this easily accessible location.