Flower Show 2015

This is my 2nd year. I went once before a few years back and didn’t really know what to expect. I was surprised to see such a variety of flowers and exhibits on show. Perhaps this year I went with some expectation and hence I was slightly disappointed. 

The show has alot of competition pieces, actually probably 80% of it were. Only a few were from organisations such as Highway and Ocean Park. There were lots of big pieces made with flowers. 


Of course, the show wouldn’t be complete without cameras. And there were LOTS of them. Sometimes, I think it should be called the camera show rather than flower show. It was flooded with cameras, I probably saw more of them than flowers. From beginners to amateurs, from small compacts to professional ones with giant lens, from small stools to long tripods. Many people went prepared and no flower was left unshot. It was as if people have never seen flowers before. But when I finally got close enough (after waiting for ages because most people camped next to the flower beds don’t move for a looooong time) to some of the popular display on show, I realised that shooting flowers was not easy. To get the shots you want, it can take a long time. And a simple flower bed with a few colours of flowers can lead to many different photos even when taken from the same position. 

I think this year’s show is worth going, afterall the entrance fee is only $14 and it makes a good afternoon outing, especially when we don’t get to see much greenery in HK. Just don’t have too much expectation. And wear a mask to avoid getting germs in crowded areas in this flu season! The show is on until THIS Sunday 29 March at Victoria Park in CWB.

Website: http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/hkfs/2015/index.html 


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