Sanrio Series – Part II: Sanrio Dessert Institute

Langham Place has been hosting Sanrio Star Dining event since the beginning of last month. Various activities has been planned to take place between 1 Aug – 31 Oct, including the My Melody and Kuromi café that I wrote about in Part I. For the Part II in the Sanrio series, I will be concentrating on the Sanrio Dessert Institute, which if you have been visiting the Mall in the past month, you definitely wouldn’t have missed them on 4/F.

The open area on 4/F has been home to the Sanrio Dessert Institute since last month and the different Sanrio characters have been staying put, posing, waiting for fans and shoppers to queue for a photo. For Sanrio fans, this annual event is definitely not to be missed.

IMG_7798 IMG_7809 IMG_7833 IMG_7802 IMG_7811 IMG_7812 IMG_7815 IMG_7832 IMG_7801 IMG_7831 IMG_7826  IMG_7827 IMG_7838

We visited the characters on a weekday during the daytime, and it was truly a peaceful experience. No queues for photos. No one to push in. And definitely a lot less people to be with me in the photo with my favourite characters. It was definitely a very enjoyable moments with the Stars. Something for everyone to take note – try and go during daytime on a weekday for any event.

As well as getting photos with the Stars, fans can also get their hands on a balloon. Simply by liking the Langham Place page, playing a quick game on your smartphone, queue at the Admissions Office, and then the computer will allocate you with a Sanrio character balloon. It’s easy, quick (depending on the length of the Q) and guaranteed happiness as you take home your souvenir! After a week, my balloons are still inflated and looking pretty. So fans, be sure to go and get your freebie!

IMG_7820 IMG_8192

Tomorrow (14th) is the last day for the Institute apparently. So fans, if you want to take pictures with the Stars and also take home that lovely balloon, try and go there either today or tomorrow!!!

P.S – as well as visiting the Institute, we also went to various floors of the mall to take pictures with the Stars – such as the icecream on 12/F, and the Stars that are hanging from the ceiling near 10/F.

IMG_7780 IMG_7784 IMG_7781


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