Chairs Through Time

Chairs? You may wonder or even ask what is so interesting about a chair. Something so common, so basic, something we use day in and day out without even thinking about it or wondering about its family’s history or the story behind its design. Well guess what, there’s a whole exhibition dedicated to showcasing them!

The Chair exhibition features chairs throughout many eras from many countries. Although the exhibition isn’t very big, the information and description available and the amount of chairs displayed is surprisingly large. It was a very interesting exhibition and some chairs were even very pretty and the history behind many of them is astonishing and definitely eye-opening. I do recommend a visit if you are a furniture fan or interested in abit of history. For $20, you can open your eyes to different things and enjoy a few hours at the museum.

It ends on Monday, so last chance to go to the HK Heritage Museum in Shatin to see!!

IMG_8206 IMG_8228 IMG_8225 IMG_8215 IMG_8208



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