Sanrio Series – Part I: My Melody & Kuromi Pop-up Cafe


Finally tried out My Melody & Kuromi  cafe at Langham Place. Located on 10/F, this cafe has been opened since mid-July. Its has a pink colour theme but I was surprised that it wasn’t full of sanrio decorations. There were only a few my melody soft toys to take pictures with and some minor things.

Maybe I had high expectations for this place and was really looking forward to it. So in the end, I ended up really disappointed! The food was mediocre. Only some food, dessert and drinks had a my melody or kuromi pattern on it, the rest just a small picture of the sanrio stars on a small piece of card label. I really thought they would have a whole plate of food in the shape of the sanrio stars like advertised before (black curry of kuromi’s head). However, I have to say, the dessert was absolutely delicious!!

Anyways, this whole place is totally overated in my opinion and the novelty wore off soon after I arrived. Luckily, since it was on a weekday, we didn’t have to queue long, otherwise I probably would’ve been super cross (queueing for a long time, only to be greeted with disappointment).

If you want to try it for yourself, the cafe is open until next Sunday, 14 Sept. Lets hope the Little Twin Stars Pop-up Cafe across the mall is much better!



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