Free 3D around HK

Don’t we all just love freebies? For those of you who simply don’t want to pay to go into the 3D museum, you are in luck! Because I have found some dotted around our small territory.

Here are 3 locations (best till last):

Tsuen Wan Plaza: I have reviewed this before in an earlier post: As well as the 2 3D backgrounds, there are also other photography opportunities. Hurry, it ends this Sunday!

Gold Coast Piazza is doing a popeye theme with a 3D photo opportunity – although its really difficult to get a good shot, its not that great comparatively and I was quite disappointed. But if you love popeye I think its worth a visit. You can also make an afternoon of it by spending a chillaxing time on the beach and checking out the eateries in the Piazza. Again, hurry, ends on Sunday!
And finally:
Sunshine City Plaza @ Ma On Shan: Comparatively, this is an even more local plaza than Tsuen Wan with the potential to grow. But again, you don’t get the huge wave of people which means not many people to block your shots of the 3D backgrounds! 
Jenga – the wooden block game – is the theme for this small exhibit. The 3D backgrounds are cleverly merged into it – you might miss them (there r 2) if you dont look closely enough! I personally think the backgrounds are really good, much better than the one at Gold Coast! This event will run until 18 September.

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