Studio Ghibli Exhibition – with Totoro!!!

This popular exhibition has been one highlight of many Hongkongers’ summer. Getting in to look at the drawings and having a picture taken whilst lying on Totoro has not been an easy experience for many. 

It all started on 14 May and will run until the end of this week. Whether you are an animator, Japanese anime fan, totoro fan, or simply just looking for something to do, you certainly wont be bored and will definitely be wow-ed by the talented pieces on show. This animator is very talented, no wonder he’s famous. Saw so many drawings and most are very detailed and awesome. 

For all you workers out there, I’m sure weekdays won’t be suitable for you (unless you fancy skipping along to it during lunch break or even take some annual leave), so this Saturday and Sunday will be your last chance to go and see.

Here are some hot tips for you that I think will work really help especially if you only have a couple of hours to spare:

– if you see a massive queue outside the entrance – by massive I mean far too many people – there is a quicker way. Pay abit more for a museum pass ($50 for half year; $100 for annual). Its a different and much shorter queue. After obtaining the pass, you can go straight into the exhibit. What’s more, you can go into other museums in HK for free too!

– below is the floor plan – its pretty big and lots of drawings in each section (with lots of people in front, behind, on both sides of you) and crowds of people queueing to see what you wana see too. So plan ahead, especially if you are short of time.


– there are a few photo opportunities so don’t miss out

– the shop can get very busy especially near closing time, so be sure to go in earlier to avoid wasting time queueing

– totoro is probably the most popular thing at the exhibition. Qs can be 60-90mins long – just bare this in mind.
finally, dont forget it will finish this sunday!! and dont forget to draw the Soot-sprite and enter the competition!


Location: HK Heritage Museum in Shatin



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