HK Food Expo 2014

The annual HK food fair started yesterday and will run until Monday. You always hear in the media how you can queue for $1 food. So I went for the first time last year and it was amazing! Of course I wasn’t early enough for the $1 bargains. Aside from the crowds (sometimes like the CNY markets), everything is so cheap. You can try out different kinds of food at very low cost. Basically all you do there is eat eat & eat.

Apart from the main hall, there’s also a gourmet zone. As well as munching on free foods (in taster portions) such as foie gras, for a $20 deposit, you can get a wine glass and try out all different kinds of wine!

If you only go to one expo this year, this is THE one. Highly recommended even if you are not a food enthusiast. See you there this year!

Photos below are from last year


For further information on the Expo, please refer to – including the printing of e-coupons!


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