Photo Festival 2014

IMG_6424 IMG_6468 IMG_6469

3D photo has arrived in HK. For a free taster – yes absolutely free – you can try it out at Tsuen Wan Plaza from now until 31 Aug. The photo festival also has a photo set where u can choose different backgrounds with some minor props and the Time Slice – which uses 30 cameras to capture a motion shot from different angles. All of these are free of charge and photos/videos will be sent to you afterwards.
Note: 1) Some of the facilities close between 3-4pm & 6-8pm. 2) With free things, expect some slow and bad coordination and patience is necessary for the waiting time, especially with the Time Slicer (10-15mins per group).
IMG_6410 IMG_5791

Tsuen Wan Plaza is a short walking distance from Tsuen Wan West mtr station and has a couple of other malls nearby. It seems to be quite popular with families, probably given its variety of local shops and generous amount of restaurants and space. 



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